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Product Detail
PS-620 countdown stopwatch / piecework

Product Name: PS-620 with countdown function stopwatch / piecework
Product model: PS-620


Widescreen display, antimagnetic, shock proof, waterproof structure
Clock function: set time (12 or 24 hours),
Calendar function: calendar display
Countdown function: 99 minutes and 59 seconds, setting down the countdown time at will, when the number of countdown is set.
After the value arrives, there will be a "BB..BB" sound of 30 seconds to prompt and return to the state of the original setting.
Timing function: when the countdown time is completed, the timing is positive.
Ringing function: when the set time value arrives, there will be a "BB..BB" noise.
Stopwatch function: single track record storage, 1/100 seconds is the longest time to remember 99 minutes and 59 seconds.
Product size: 65*78.5*18.5 (mm)
Screen size: 32*28 (mm)
Net weight: 60g