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Product Detail
PS-3200 metal Digital Stopwatch red glass
Name: 200 metal Digital Stopwatch red glass
Model: PS-3200
1. Stopwatch function: 100 track storage, 1/100 second unit time.
    You can check the records up and down; you can view the slowest (SLO) records
    With the slowest number (L-XXX), the fastest (FAS) record and
    The fastest number (L-XXX), average time (AVE).
2. Clock and alarm function: can set timing alarm and hourly
   The punctual time, the calendar display (can choose 12 or 24 hours)
3. Timer function: up to 9:59:59.
4. Metronome function: The frequency is adjusted from 1 to 320 times/min.
5. Rowing machine function.
6. The button is lightly touched by the micro switch, which makes it feel comfortable and sensitive.
7. Anti-magnetic, anti-shock and anti-slip function.
8. Use long-lasting CR2032 button battery.
9. Window size: 36.8 X 22.5 (mm)
10. Net weight: 155 grams